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SIA defends wood stoves producing excessive indoor emissions

March 23, 2021

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Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is to conduct research project in defence of wood stoves indoor emissions.

​Dr Amanda Lea-Langton and her team have been commissioned by the SIA to conduct a literature review into internal air quality pollution sources. This research will seek to establish reference-able measurements of PM and other pollutant sources affecting internal air quality. This will then guide further research and determine whether any independent testing is required to fill knowledge gaps.

A key output of the indoor air quality research will be the development of a clear and easy to understand infographic to put into context the use of a wood burning stove alongside other activities in the home that produce emissions, for example using the toaster, burning candles, hoovering, cleaning or cooking a roast dinner.

This research project should produce reports around the end of May.

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