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Stove Industry Alliance - The truth about wood burning stoves

October 27, 2020

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AM A new video designed to help consumers understand the real facts about wood burning stoves has been launched by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA).

Modern woodburning stoves and fireplaces provide low carbon and low emission heating using renewable and sustainable fuel. However, through a combination of reported misconceptions and lack of awareness, these appliances are often portrayed as negative and responsible for contributing much more particulate emissions than they actually do.

The new SIA video aims to dispel the reported myths around wood burning stoves by tackling three of the major misconceptions that surround them, to help consumers better understand their benefits and make an informed choice.

The first of these misconceptions is the notion that woodburning stoves are the biggest cause of small particulate matter in the UK. At the root of this myth is a statement within Defra’s Clean Air Strategy that says domestic combustion accounts for 38% of fine particulate matter. This number was based on a government survey in 20151 which incorrectly over-estimated the amount of wood being burnt on stoves and fireplaces in the UK.

A much larger survey carried out in 20192 showed the true figure was less than a third of what the government estimated making the percentage of PM.2.5 attributable to domestic combustion closer to 13% and NOT 38%.

To read the full press release issued by SIA use the link below.


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